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Enjoy my illustrations!

Title: The Equinox - Newspaper

My work for “The Equinox” newspaper. The topic was given by mid-week and deadline was on Saturdays.

The illustration for this article was suppose to show a few seniors with signs showing their future plans and a single senior without any plans. Graduating to workforce is a struggle for seniors. apartments apartments 334banner 334banner 334infograph 334infograph raise raise fafsa fafsa 40percent 40percent majors majors theft theft bed setup bed setup

Title: Process work

The following images are showing sketches, process work, and the final illustration. Usually, I start with a pencil sketch, scan the
image, and work on it mostly in Illustrator and sometimes in Photoshop.

A dinosaur called 'Dina'. Shown are the three steps till completion. A pig drawn with pencil, then colored in Photoshop. A romantic and robotic Knight sketched with a pencil and then colored in Illustrator. A basic guy named 'Steward' and the variations derived from the original.

Title: Child book illustration

For this style of illustration I used simple shapes as well as muted color pallettes to get the attention of children.

An illustration of a chimp based on a pair of children socks I have seen. Funny looking rabbits. An evil sea star ready to conquer the World! A whale originally drawn for a maternity t-shirt with a line saying, 'I feel like a whale today'