Aliens - Illustrator

Aliens drawn and colored in Illustrator.

Floor Basket - Rhino 3D

Modeled & rendered in Rhino 3D. Textures made in Photoshop. PBR in Materialize.

Flower Pattern - Illustrator

Hand drawn, scanned and colored in Illustrator.

Thorne Gallery - Photoshop

Layout in Photoshop. Hand coded fully funtional website.

Yellow Tower - Illustrator

Illustration based on a photo of switchbackimages.

Folded Hands - Pencil

Folded Handd drawn hands in pencil.

Metal Pencil Cup - 3DS Max

Modeled & rendered in 3DS Max.

Magazine Layout - InDesign

Page of a magazine layout about Adrian Frutiger in InDesign.

Andalusia - Illustrator

An alley in Andalusia done in Illustrator.

Mandrill skull - charcoal

Mandrill skull drawn in charcoal.

Glass Planter - Rhino 3D

Glass Planter modeled and rendered in Rhino 3D.

3 Fold brochure - Illustrator

3 Fold brochure page done in Illustrator.

Fox - Illustrator

Fox in color variations and patterns.

Mailer - Illustrator

Mailer for Slapstick Science done in Illustrator..

Humpback Whale - Illustrator

Hand drawn, scanned and colored in Illustrator